About Us

Abhishek Industries Pvt ltd established in the Year 2003, Our Company is one of the leading Manufacturers of storage systems, perforated/ ladder type cable trays and other sheet metal components as per customerís requirement.
Quality Products and prompt Delivery is our main aim. Our esteemed customer includes almost all public sector companies, various major industries with whom we are associated for more than 10 years.

Abhishek Industries Pvt Ltd is recognized for its quality in Design & manufacturing to exceptionally high standard. Our Products are designed and manufactured as per International Standards(IS) and to the extreme satisfaction of our customers. Company is strengthened by highly trained work force.


"To emerge as a Leading explosives and explosive accessories manufacturer globally; focussing on delivering innovation, diversity, quality in its uniquely customised products & services.
"Being one of the largest comprehensive explosives and initiating devices manufacturing Industry in India, "SOLAR" has today become synonymous with explosives.
Breaking new ground, we have now expanded our geographical horizons to Zambia, Tanzania and Nigeria where our manufacturing units are at different stages of development and operation.


We manufacture storage racks and cable trays using standard quality steel of reputed leading steel suppliers as per IS Standard, which gives better quality and strength for the structure.
We have stage wise inspection as per ISI Standard during production process with all calibrated instruments. Manufacturing of these items are done using imported/ Indian CNC machineries which gives high accurate product outputs.